About Codeworld

Codeworld is a leading EdTech program for kids and teens. We teach coding and other digital tech skills to kids ages 5-17 years. Our goal is to inspire future ready kids, preparing them at the next tech giants of the world.

Coding for kids has become a major buzz phrase globally and for good reason! It is the language of a future that has already begun. Equipping kids early with high impact coding and tech skills gives them a huge advantage in life. It places them on a sustainable path to prosperity when they have a healthy connection with the skills defining our world today.

Our Standards

Codeworld is committed to the highest standard in coding and tech education. Our classes are based on internationally certified curriculum from the topmost universities in the world. Our Team of instructors are globally certified professionals in their respective fields with proven track record and a commitment to making tech learning fun and exciting for your kids.

Out of Africa and Reaching the World

We are expanding access to tech education for kids everywhere and we have been doing this for the past six years. Holding close to our core values of excellence, integrity, creativity, and innovation, we are out of Africa and reaching the world.

What our Codestars & Parents are saying

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