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About Girls Code Arena

Inspire, Innovate, Lead

Building Tech Ready African Girls

Girls Code Arena is an initiative to unleash the untapped potentials of girls in tech and tech related fields through sponsored early STEM, Leadership and entrepreneurship training programs. Led by the visionary and passionate educator and founder of Codeworld, Daba Thommanuel Kpakol, Girls Code Arena is a beacon of hope, opportunity, and progress recognizing that diversity fuels innovation and that the untapped potential of young girls in the world of technology is a resource waiting to be unleashed.

Why Support Us?

Sponsor a Girl Change a Life

Invest in the Future of a Continent

By becoming a sponsor of Girls Code Arena, you’re not just investing in the education of a girl; you’re investing in the future of a continent. Your support ripples through families, communities, and industries, creating a positive impact that will be felt for generations to come.

Our Vision

Girls Code Arena envisions a future where every African girl has the chance to explore, learn, and excel in the realm of coding, technology and leadership. By fostering early exposure and engagement in tech education and leadership development, we are helping to shatter stereotypes and create a vibrant ecosystem of female tech trailblazers.

Our Mission

To provide girls from less privileged backgrounds with access to computer programming, digital tech education and leadership skills , creating a powerful pathway to the future of work and a life of impact.

Our Programs

Holiday Tech Camps

Immersive experiences introducing girls to coding, robotics, and more during school breaks.


Dynamic sessions covering coding fundamentals to advanced techniques, empowering girls for tech careers.

Online & In-person Courses

Flexible tech education with structured lessons, hands-on projects, and assessments.

Leadership Development Courses

Fostering leadership skills through effective communication, teamwork, and confidence-building.


Competitive, creative events where girls apply coding and problem-solving skills to real-world challenges.

After School Clubs

Supportive environments for ongoing tech exploration, mentorship, and skill development.

Join our Community of Sponsors

Make Her Dream A Reality

Invest in the Future of a Continent

As a non-profit initiative, we rely on donations and support from well meaning individuals and corporate bodies like you. Your support provides scholarships, learning resources, and mentorship opportunities for girls who might otherwise not have access to tech education. Our curriculum focuses on fostering creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking and leadership skills that will serve them throughout their lives and your support will help us continue to achieve this.

Together, we’re shaping tomorrow’s tech leaders, one girl at a time.

Thank you for helping us reach more girls and directly contributing to addressing the gender imbalance in the tech industry through our program.

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