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Inspiring Kids and Teens as Future Tech Leaders.

Coding.Robotics.STEM + All things tech!

Channel your kids’ love for tech into creative skills for the digital age.

Premium Coding and Tech Classes for Kids and Teens (7-17 years)

Unleash your kid’s creative spirit using the power of fun coding and tech classes. Our customized curriculum is based on the world’s top-most universities programs.

We are equipping future ready kids, exposing them to fun yet impactful tech learning.

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The Codeworld Advantage

  • Harvard Based Curriculum
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Based Curriculum
  • Globally certified curriculum using the world’s foremost university’s programme.
  • 6 years of delivering high impact coding and tech education to kids across the world.
  • Project based learning
  • Expert tutors with international curriculum
  • Fun learning
  • Small class size
  • Global certification

Featured Classes

  • Introduction to Gaming and Game development with Scratch Jnr (ages 4-6)
  • Introduction to Gaming and Game development with Scratch (ages 7 -11)
  • Introduction to Mobile App Creation - MIT App Inventor (ages 7-11)
  • Mobile App Creation with JavaScript (ages 12-18)
  • Introduction to web development HTML (ages 8-11)
  • Introduction to web development HTML/CSS/JavaScript (ages 12 -18)
  • Web development using WordPress
  • Python
  • Make code with Micro:Bit
  • Introduction Internet of things and Robotics
  • Graphic design and Video Editing
  • Arduino and Physical Computing fundamentals
  • Unity Game development
  • Animations with Adobe Animate
  • And lots more...
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Why your kids should learn to code

Coding for kids has become a new buzz phrase around the world and for good reason! Coding, which is essentially learning how to speak the language of the computer gives kids a huge advantage in life. Here’s a list of some reasons why your kids should start learning how to code today!

Guided Thinking

Coding teaches kids how to think in a way best suited for today’s age of tech. Computational thinking, logical thinking, and critical thinking are some of the important skills your kids will build along their coding journey

De-mystify Technology

Coding helps demystify tech to kids showing them how they too can become creators with tech. using exciting tech tools, kids experience the joy of transforming their ideas to digital creations. It will help transform them from being mere consumers of tech to creators of tech and that’s a really cool thing!

Unleash Creativity

When kids code, they often take a vague idea and transform it into something tangible using tech tools and the power of their imagination. This is a valued skill for the future of work.

Build Resilience

Many kids discover their resilient sides as they learn to code. With problem solving and the need to de-bug codes as a normal part of the learning process, kids are able to unleash their resilient sides while still having fun.

Improved Communication & Confidence

Kids build their confidence and learn valuable communication skills when they create, present and defend their digital creation.

Improved Math Skills

Coding teaches kids to visualize abstract concepts, lets them apply math to real-world situations, and makes math fun and creative!

Future Careers in Tech

Evidence shows that early exposure to tech makes kids more likely to pursue tech related careers later in life. Tech is where the new jobs are being created, and the better paying jobs are in tech.

Attention to Details

Coding teaches kids how to pay attention to details; In our highly distracted world, learning to code teaches concentration and concentration increases mental performance.

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