Kids and Tech: 2023 Best Coding/Robotics Program for kids in Abuja, Nigeria.

It is no longer news that regardless of the career choices of kids in their future endeavors, the knowledge of coding and robotics has become as basic and necessary as that of Maths and the English Language in the Nigerian Educational system.  Our world has become digital with technology everywhere and it is in fact the lingua franca of the future. Exposing your kids to coding and robotics  is giving them an asset that is sure to appreciate in value in the coming years.
The entire world is warming up to these new times where coding, tech and STEM have taken center stage and Nigeria is not left behind as we can see inclusions in school curriculums to accommodate these areas of learning. The 2023 Nigerian basic school experience is certainly not the same as that from a decade ago and Codeworld Innovations Limited is here for it. Sign Up for our classes –

With over 8 years of experience in coding and robotics for kids and teens, Codeworld is undoubtedly the best 2023 coding and robotics program for kids  in Abuja, Nigeria. Codeworld has been able to reach and secure spots for over 3,500 kids in the tech-centric future.  With over 50 elite industry professionals as tutors, courses like Scratch, Mobile App Development, Game Development, Web development, Python and Py games and so many more become your kids’ forte in a very short time.
 At Codeworld, it is not just a business. It is purpose. It is about the fulfilment from knowing that because of our passion, innovation, determination and commitment to coding and robotics for kids, as many kids as come our way have a secured future as far as career is concerned.

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