Hack The Summer!

Igniting Creativity with Tech 2023 Summer of Code & Tech.

Unleash your Kids and Teens' inner innovators and let their imaginations soar as they discover the endless possibilities of tech. This Summer we are offering a dynamic blend of hands-on activities, games, and projects from coding and robotics to 3D designs and Virtual Reality.

1st Batch: 24th July to 5th August 2nd Batch: 7th August to 19th August 3rd Batch: 21st August to 2nd Sept

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Let’s help you channel your kids love for tech into creative skills for the digital age. Highly interactive classes hosted by industry-expert instructors are just what your kids need this holiday!!!

Featured Courses

Introduction to Mobile App Creation - MIT App Inventor (ages 7-11)

Mobile App Creation with JavaScript (ages 12-18)

Introduction to web development HTML (ages 8-11

Introduction to web development HTML/CSS/JavaScript (ages 12 -18)

Web development using WordPress

Python Programming

Make code with Micro:Bit

Introduction Internet of things and Robotics

Graphic design and Video Editing

Arduino and Physical Computing fundamentals

Unity Game development

Animations with Adobe Animate

Virtual Reality

Mixed Reality

Python Graphics with Turtle

The Codeworld Advantage

  • Harvard Based Curriculum

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Based Curriculum

  • Globally certified curriculum using the world’s foremost university’s programme.

  • 6 years of delivering high impact coding and tech education to kids across the world.

  • We understand the huge potential that tech offers to empower today’s kids for the future of work and for six years we have been a leading voice in empowering kids with skills for the future. Out of Africa and reaching the world. Over 3,000 kids taught across the world

  • Project based learning

  • Expert tutors with international curriculum

  • Fun learning

  • Small class size

  • Global certification

We have AwesomeCoolCreativeTalentedLoving people at Codeworld

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